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              Metallic Expansion Joint
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              Expansion Joint Descriptions

            As one of the company’s main series of products, our metallic expansion joint and fabric expansion joint stand most competitive in the domestic & abroad markets of same industry. The company has all kinds of corrugation forming technologies and complete equipment capacities, such as: one set 3000T hydraulic multi-corrugation, large platform & once-shaping press machine which is the largest one in China, mechanical single-corrugation continuous forming machines and roll forming machines. The bellow’s nominal diameter of hydraulic forming reaches to 6000mm, and DN12000mm for mechanical forming bellows. The workshops are equipped with 90 sets of different welding machines such as automatic submerged arc welding, argon arc welding and carbon-dioxide arc welding so as to meet different welding procedures.

            Jully Science & Technology executes the standards of EJMA, ASME31.3 Appendix X, JIS.B.8277-93, GB/T16749 and GB/T12777 to design, manufacture and test the expansion joints, and conduct full process control for the design, manufacture and test of products according to the quality system of ISO9001:2008.

            The company has the design software of piping stress analysis, finite element analysis, Caesar-II and EJMA to provide the customers with integrated solutions of flexible pipe connection and reliable products.

            Bellows finite element analysis
            Bellows finite element analysis
            Piping stress analysis


            Solid annealing: Solid annealing: To improve bellows performance of anti-stress and anti-corrosion, for applications in the severe corrosive locations of catalytic cracking unit (CCU), hot-blast furnace and underground heating pipes.
            Film protection: To keep the bellows surface smooth and clean, and avoid be damaged during processing
            Roll forming: Round shape corrugation, high inflexibility & strength, and nice deformation resistance

            Product Marking Methods

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