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              Metal Hose Descriptions
              Performance Parameters of Metal Hose
              1、Universal Type  
              2、Quick Joint Type  
              3、Flange Joint Type  
              4、Thread Type  
              5、Spiral hose  
              6、Length Calculation  
              7、Installation Guide  
              8、Corrosion Table  
              High Pressure Rubber Hose
            Technical Parameters
            Braided Heat Insulation Rubber Hose
            Universal Braided Rubber Hose
            Spiral Wound Rubber Hose
            Fiber-layer Resin Hose
            Mark of Rubber Hose Assembly
              Various Joints
              1、Rubber Hose Joints
              2、Metric Female-thread Flat
              3、Metric Female-thread      
                   Spherical Type
              4、B.S Spinal Male-thread
              5、Draw-bar Quick Joint
              6、Coupling Table
              7、Joint Code
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            Metal Hose

            The company has various production and test equipments for metal hose, such as: one automatic longitudinal seam welder for S.S Sheet of DN400 bellow which is the largest in the country, one automatic and hydraulic forming machine for DN400 circular corrugations, 35 sets of various-size advanced hose production lines, a country’s largest braiding machine of 128 spindle and 28 other braiding machines, an independent pressure test room for metal hoses. We can supply different diameter metal hoses from DN6~DN800 to meet all your requirements.

            Jully Science & Technology executes the standards of GB/T14525、ISO10380 and BS6501 to design, manufacture and test the metal hoses, and conduct full process control for the design, manufacture and test of products according to the quality system of ISO9001:2008. As to the high pressure application metal hoses, we’ll use our independent R&D software to verify the intensity parameters to ensure the products be safe and reliable.

            Hose Design
            Braiding Workshop

            Product Images:

            Various Joints:
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